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Winter 2013

Use these links to download important information about about the heating refill:-

 Refill and turn on of communal Heating system with dates.

Advice notice on bleeding your radiators.



Changing your radiators 


Some tips from our heating engineers and our Consultant:- 

A word of warning:

Under no circumstances install more radiators than originally fitted and do not use any kind of pump to overcome resistance.  Any such changes will violate your lease agreement  because these kind of changes will interfere with the balance of the system for the whole Village.  

Over the years changes by some residents have caused lower temperatures and in some cases loss of heating. 

And now the Dos:

1.      Only engage heating engineers familiar with working on similar systems

2.      Only use steel or cast iron radiators, never aluminum

3.      Only use steel or copper pipe with the appropriate metal fittings.  Never use push fit plastic fittings or galvanised steel pipe

4.      Pressure test all work to 35 meter head before reconnection to main system

5.      Check and re-check that all components used are suitable for the system pressure

6.      New radiators should have the same output to the ones you are replacing

7.      Although installing thermostatic radiator valves is a good idea to control the temperature in the rooms, be aware that the system is old and therefore water circulating carries sludge/dirt which could result in sticking radiator valves


If in any doubt contact our Managing Agents BEFORE

you carry out any work or spend any money