Service Charge

CVRL is responsible for carrying out work and services to the structure and common areas of Chiswick Village. This responsibility is described in the lease. As an owner, your lease says that you must contribute to the cost of the work and services and this amount is called your service charges.

The service charges you pay to CVRL must be ‘reasonable’. This means CVRL must be able to show that a charge reflects the cost of providing a service, and the work carried out was of a ‘reasonable’ standard. You are entitled to inspect documents supporting service charges and payment receipts for work that has been done.  Please contact our managing agents who will make the arrangements with you to see these documents.

Payment of service charges is a condition of your lease and if you miss any service-charge payments you will be breaking your lease and possibly your mortgage agreement (if you have one). 

You can find out more about Service Charges at the web site of the Leasehold Advisory Service:

The Leashold Advisory Serivice is

" Executive Non Departmental Public Body (ENDPB) funded by Government to provide free advice

on the law affecting residential leasehold property in England and Wales."


On this page you will find documents that relate to the Chiswick Village Service Charge, our plans for maintaining Chiswick Village.  You should also read the items that relate to long term developements in Chiswick here:

Our single biggest expense is oil for the boilers that give us our continous hot water and winter heating.  Whilst we have spent time and money upgrading and maintaining the boilers we cannot control the cost of the oil. 

The Office of Fair Trading has cleared heating oil firms of any rip-off tactics:

Read the full report here:

You can monitor the fluctuations of the oil price here.