What does the future hold for Chiswick Village?

Chiswick Village is special to all of us, and we want to keep it that way. The upkeep of the buildings and surrounding gardens is vital to keeping the beauty of Chiswick Village alive.  On these pages you can find information on what's happening to maintain and develop Chiswick Village.

Chiswick Village Residents Limited (CVRL) is the Landlord and Freeholder of Chiswick Village. The Board of Directors of CVRL is made up of volunteer residents who create and manage the policy and strategic development of Chiswick Village on behalf of the shareholders.

You can read the Articles of Association that define Chiswick Village Resident's Limited here.

Michael Richards & Co is the Managing Agent who sees to the day to day running of Chiswick Village under the direction of the volunteer directors.

Our Charter is that CVRL will:-

  • act at all times as a reasonable and responsible landlord
  • respect and protect your rights as a leaseholder and will expect you to respect our rights and responsibilities as a landlord
  • keep Chiswick Village in good condition to protect our common investment



If you want to have some input, please contact the directors via the Contacts page.

Currently the skills that as Directors we really need are:

book-keeping / accountancy

Spread-sheet skills

If you have any of the above skills and are willing to share them, please contact us here.

Use the links on the right to access more information about each subject.


Shareholders and leaseholders are welcome to attend the meetings of the Directors and meetings that the Directors hold with the Managing Agents. However, because some of the material discussed at these meetings is confidential it may not be possible for you to attend all of the meeting.

If you want to come and see how we work, what we do and to give us your help, ideas and suggestions then please email us here.


The next meeting of the Board of Directors is on:
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The next meeting of the Directors with the Managing Agents is on:
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